Here is a list of publicly available brain signals data, found by us on the internet, or submitted directly to

3.6 GB, 14 subjects
Study published using this data: Delorme, A., Rousselet, G., Mace, M., Fabre-Thorpe M. Interaction of Bottom-up and Top-down processing in the fast visual analysis of natural scenes. Cognitive Brain Research, 103-113
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1 subject, 12 minutes recording with 64 channels at 256Hz, P300 paradigm with images presented every 100ms.
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Dataset for the paper An efficient P300-based brain-computer interface for disabled subjects by Ulrich Hoffmanna, Jean-Marc Vesina, Touradj Ebrahimia and Karin Diserens - Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2008
8 subjects, 34 channels with 2048Hz sampling frequency
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MEG data from the "Mind reading challenge "organized in ICANN 2011
The classes corespond to the type of video being watched by the subject during the recording (one of artificial, football, nature, Bean, Chaplin).
1 subject, MEG on 204 planar gradiometer channels, filtered and downsampled to 200 Hz, given in 1 second long segments.
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EEG Motor Movement/Imagery Dataset
About 1500 short recordings (1-2 minute) from 109 volunteers while performing real and imaginary movements of the fingers and of the feet.
64 channels, recorded using BCI2000.
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MEG Data analysis competition Biomag 2010, competition 1
4 subjects, left vs. right covert spatial attention, MEG with 274 channels, sampling frequency 300 Hz; 128 trials/condition; each trial 3 seconds long.
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Setup and paradigm described in van Gerven M, Jensen O. Attention modulations of posterior alpha as a control signal for two-dimensional brain-computer interfaces. J Neurosci Methods. 2009;179(1):78-84.
BCI competition IV
Four datasets: 2 EEG (motion imagination in continuous EEG; motor imagination contaminated with EOG), 1 MEG (direction of real movement of hand), 1 ECoG (5 fingers discrimination in real movements)
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BCI competition III
It focused on session-to-session transfer and training from few data. It also addressed non-stationarity problems, multi-class and continuous EEG classification (no trial structure).
Most datasets are EEG, but there is also an ECoG dataset.
Paradigms: motor/mental imagination, P300 speller.
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OpenVIBE motor imagination dataset
14 records with 20 trials/class.
11 channels sampled at 512 Hz, left hand versus right hand.
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Epileptic seizure studies
the Warsaw simultaneous dataset
Epileptic structures marked in EEG, with corresponding MRI
23 patients, 20-70 minutes each, 250(or 256) samples per second.
In addition MRI scans with the location of the epileptic foci.
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CHB-MIT Scalp EEG Database
22 subjects, 23 to 26 channels sampled at 256Hz
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the Freiburg dataset
21 patients
Data was recorded with intracranial grids and strips of electrodes and with depth electrodes as well.
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two patients 11h and 12h recordings respectively
21 eeg channels + a 22nd channel for EKG
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Note that on the same page there are recordings from a healthy subject with adnotated EOG and EMG artifacts.
Brain mapping (including fMRI data)
Averaged simultaneous EEG and MEG - Datasets from the Kymata Atlas
Current and archived EMEG measurement data, used to test hypotheses in the Kymata atlas. Comprising of (averaged) EEG and MEG sensor data, and current density reconstructions. The participants are healthy human adults listening to the radio and/or watching films.
[EEG (on 70 channels) and MEG (on 302 channels) averaged from 17 subjects]
In addition source reconstruction is provided.
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There is also an interesting online viewer for the data, accessible at
Data from Haxby, J., Gobbini, M., Furey, M., Ishai, A., Schouten, J., and Pietrini,pl. (2001). Distributed and overlapping representations of faces and objects in ventral temporal cortex. Science 293, 2425.2430, as preprocessed for use with Python PyMVPA framework.
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1000 Functional Connectomes Project
1200+ recordings
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Database of data sets in the EU BNCI Horizon 2020 project
Various datasets - mostly EEG, all data freely accessible, in Matlab format. The experiments are quite diverse and some are unusual, e.g. auditory oddball during hypnosis, music BCI or signals collected during emeergency braking while driving in a car simulator. (25 datasets listed on Sept 2017).
BNCI H2020 Database
Brainliner Japan
A repository not unlike our, containing various datasets: EMG, EEG speech imagery, Spike data, Visual image reconstruction data, EEG/ECoG simultaneous recordings, and others (11 datasets listed on April 5th 2012).
Public domain ECoG datasets from RIKEN, Japan
Neurotycho (registration required)
Datasets and tutorials from SPM: mostly fMRI, but also PET and EEG; most interestingly, also a multi-modal EEG, MEG and fMRI faces-related dataset
Data sets and tutorials